key lime pie

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Source: my grandmother


  • 1 can of Eagle Brand Milk (Found where they have baking products and carnation milk in cans. I use the red label.)
  • 1/2 cup Key Lime Juice (You can buy Key Lime Juice in a jar like you can buy Lemon Juice in a jar. They are usually found side by side on the shelf. I like the brand Nellie and Joe’s Key West, but any will do. Keep in refrigerator for future pies.)
  • 2 cartons HEAVY whipping cream. (Each carton holds 1/2 pt of cream.)
  • 1 10" Keebler Graham Cracker Pie Crust (If you can’t find this size, get 2 regular size crust for making 2 pies. I also like the Keebler Shortbread Crust.)

“So, now you have the Milk, Lime Juice, Whipping Cream and already-made Pie Crust."


  1. In a large bowl put the milk and the juice together and stir fast till it thickens a little.
  2. Put that in the refrigerator.
  3. Then whip only 1 of the cream cartons till a spoon stands upright.
  4. Get the mixture out of the refrigerator and FOLD the whipped cream slowly into the mixture.
  5. Take the inverted lid out of the crust and pour the mixture into the pie and spread.
  6. Take the inverted lid and flip it over to cover the pie and crimp the foil pan over in places to hold it on.
  7. Refrigerate for 4 hours.
  8. Take the 2nd carton of cream and whip the same (see step 3) and spread over the pie and replace the lid.
  9. Refrigerate 1 hour.


“It can be made the day before or day of use. Keep in refrigerator for a few days. After a couple of days the juice may seep out - the pie is still good. It may sound complicated but actually it is a quick pie and no cooking. It is fluffy and refreshing. Hope you like it. Love, Grandmother."