Fiscal sponsorship professional, governance nerd, local activist, ambient musician. “Radical administrator” in service of community resilience and autonomy. Currently Program Manager at Open Collective, formerly with Fractured Atlas and other arts organizations. Based in NYC. Also likes basketball.

Professional Writing

Fun at work.

Fun at work.

Work + Activism History

Somewhat recent

  • joined Open Collective (I’m not going to list all of the work out while I’m still here)
  • researched county tax breaks for businesses as part of a Debt and Finance working group
  • cultivated a more equitable hiring process for nonprofit consulting firm
  • created an operations and finance position from the ground up (from invoices to icebreakers and everything in between)
  • completed short nonprofit finance course at Northwestern University
  • presented on digital security to independent radio journalists

You are the sun’s rays that warm our earth and give life to flowers, our children. I want my children to be like you and help people.


  • re-designed work distribution for customer service team to address unequal workloads
  • attempted to unionize coworkers in February and early March 2020 (I no longer think they fix everything)
  • led the silent auction as part of the gala committee for American Indian Community House’s 50th anniversary, which was canceled because of COVID
  • created an 18-page media landscape report for Extinction Rebellion NYC feedback working group
  • advised hundreds of artists and art collectives across the US
  • provided feedback to grantees through the Unfunded List
  • developed an unsanctioned alternative guide to intervene in the 2019 Whitney Biennial as a member of (D)IRT, as part of 9 weeks of action organized by Decolonize This Place (see excerpt from “Culture Strike: Art and Museums in an Age of Protest”)

A little while back

  • composed first-ever successful grant proposal for RIP Medical Debt, an innovative charity that has now forgiven over $6.7B in medical debt
  • developed bespoke bios on hundreds of wealthy donors and foundations
  • saw what it can look like at the board level when things at a nonprofit go wrong
  • solo-coordinated $20k fundraising campaign and $40k silent auction
  • successfully reformed university student government elections
  • updated the approach to FCC compliance for a 24/7 live-deejay noncommercial radio station
  • founded a university arts administration peer organization that still exists today
  • oversaw 17 part-time college workers, 100+ diverse volunteers, and a $250k budget
  • co-led a student anti-racism coalition
  • co-coordinated a cross-border, bi-national public health community art project
My proudest accolade.

My proudest accolade.