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Where I’ve been, in alphabetical order. UNDER CONSTRUCTION

United States

States visited: 30/51 (actually visited, including DC - driving through and airports do not count)

National parks visited: 10/63

The Adirondacks

Includes: Minerva, Lake Placed Visits: 2020, 2021

Minerva is a super cute little town, and a great place to stay when visiting during the fall.

Fun activities:

  • climbing Mount Marcy and exploring the High Peaks Wilderness
  • hanging out at the lakes, kayaking, swimming, etc.
  • xc skiing and snow-shoeing
  • walking out oon Mirror Lake


Visit: 2021 Includes: Brevard

I was in Brevard for a wedding, but had a chance to check out the town.

Fun activities:

  • Moog Museum
  • kayaking the French Broad - more like a lazy river than anything
  • watching the sun rise over the mountains


Visit: 9 days, November 2021

Quick notes: Like Lexington, but if they turned everything way up to 11 and didn’t make any changes to the underlying infrastructure. I stayed in South Austin, which was nice, but due to my lack of a car, it might have been better to stay closer to the city center and north of the river.

Cool spots:

  • Looking down Congress Ave to see the pink limestone state capitol building, even though they pass tons of awful laws there
  • Electric Church (rad psych rock indoor/outdoor venue I heard about from my Lyft driver) + De Nada Cantina (a nearby spot with excellent chips ‘n queso)


Visit: 2016

A cute little artist town, down by the border. It has a nice little main street, where I purchased some Buddha-shaped candles. I was there to participate in a binational art project called the Naco-Bisbee Mural Project.


I’ve been to Chicago a few times, including twice in 2021, thrice in 2016, and once in 2014.

This time I went to Pitchfork and saw two bands I was looking forward to. Animal Collective kind-of stunk, but Yaeji ttotally blew me away.


Visits: 2016, 2018, 2021

King’s Island


Rudy, my favorite Airbnb doggo buddy.

Rudy, my favorite Airbnb doggo buddy.

Cool spots

  • Evergreen
  • Diner

East Bay

Includes: Berkeley, Casto Valley, Oakland Visit: 2021

Florida Keys

Grand Rapids

Cool spots:

  • Redux Books (and Argos nextdoor)
  • Bitter End (coffee shop w/ great vibe)
  • Fulton Street Bar and Grill (try their vegan breakfast sandy at Sunday brunch)

Hudson Valley

Includes: Beacon, Cold Springs, Poughkeepsie Visits: numerous from 2018-2021


Includes: Carmel, Fishers


Residence: 2012-2017 Visits: 2018, 2021


Residence: 2017-2018 Visits: 2014, 2015, 2019

Mackinac Island

Pronounced “mackinaw.”

Quick notes: I went with my friend on a cold, rainy day in the off-season. We were pretty much soaked through, but we had the island pretty much to ourselves.

After trying to avoid the horse sh*t and brownish, melting ice-slush, we went up to see Arch Rock, Fort Holmes, and Skull Cave. Then we tried to dry off a bit at the Mustang Lounge before taking the noon-thirty ferry back to the mainland, where we then drove home through a blizzard. Good times.

The strangely modern, revolutionary-era Fort Holmes.

The strangely modern, revolutionary-era Fort Holmes.



Visits: 2016, 2021

The endless hallways of the Minneapolis skyway system - feels like an open world video game. There should be an action movie filmed there - if there isn’t one already.


Visit: 2021

Incredible weather, beautiful beaches. No wonder all the rich people live there. Felt less like Big Little Lies than I expected.

New York City

Residence: 2018-2021, 2022- Visits: 2017, 2021

see New York City

Portland, OR

Salem, MA

San Francisco

Visit: 2021

The Mission was cool.

The view frm across the bay, my first night sleeping in a van nearby.

The view frm across the bay, my first night sleeping in a van nearby.

Cool spots:

  • that one bar (will add later)


Visits: 2015, 2021

Me dabbing when forced to take a photo by the Seattle tourism folks at the Sky Needle.

Me dabbing when forced to take a photo by the Seattle tourism folks at the Sky Needle.

The (Great) Smoky Mountains

View from atop the Chimneytops.

View from atop the Chimneytops.

Includes: Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Great Smokey Mountains National Park


Visit: 2021

Cool spots:

  • Point Reyes National Seashore

Fun experiences:

  • Wine
  • Got to see Thundercat and Herbie Hancock live in Napa Valley. It was an outdoor councert and they turned hi down at 10pm sharp!!

St. Louis

Visits: 2013, 2014

Cool spots:

  • City Museum
  • botanical gardens

Traverse City

Cool spots:

  • Sleeping Bear Dunes
  • free samples at Cherry Republic
  • xc skiing at Hickory Hills

Silly memories:

  • eating premade frosty the snowman sugar cookies while watching the GBBO holiday special




Includes: Burlington, Montpelier, Waterbury Visit: 2019

The ‘chin’ of Mount Mansfield.

The ‘chin’ of Mount Mansfield.


Visit: 2021

I wish I could have spent more time here! But I greatly enjoyed exploring the valley and hiking up to the top of Half Dome.

Me on top of half dome, with an enormous vista behind me.

Me on top of half dome, with an enormous vista behind me.