New Zealand

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North Island

The Sky

Here, the sky is close.
The cold stars blow through my hair,
Just out of my reach.


A rugged landscape:
Foreboding mountains and seas
Never cede domain.
A sunny view while tramping north of Wellington.

A sunny view while tramping north of Wellington.


Distant mountain peaks
Over supple, lively green
And my lack of words
A dormant volcano through a bus window, with the sun setting behind it.

A dormant volcano through a bus window, with the sun setting behind it.

It Sets

The sun sets orange light
Upon the rugged path, bright
Soon to rise again.



Aching feet keep step
With the insistent rhythm
Of a boy's schedule.

It's uphill one way
Downhill and uphill again
Endless hills of green

Pain, now forgotten:
This unfathomable beauty
Heals body and soul.


  • excellent contemporary theatre
  • take the ferry to the valcano hike
  • explore the public-private park (sheep!)


Wellington, a haiku

Candles on mountains;
The flickering light of lives
Glowing by the sea


This country blinds me;
Whether waking or dreaming,
It is all I see.


  • The All Seeing Hand live at a bowling club


We are all the same,
The sarcastic kiwi said.
And I simply laughed.

South Island

The sunrise at Tasman.

The sunrise at Tasman.


Through grubby windows
One witnesses a new world,
The unknown made known.

To Wanaka

The road winds slowly
Towards a lake of clear glass,
My own reflection.
Lake Wanaka.

Lake Wanaka.

Pub Quiz

Distant, white mountains
Stand high with caps out of sight
Seeming infinite


Great high sentinels
Selfishly guarded by clouds
Quietly peek through
The snowy Kepler Track.

The snowy Kepler Track.

Winter Sun

The winter sun burns
My eyes submit, averted
It is far too strong

Low-Hanging Clouds

The light mist tarried
Above the dark green mountains
A natural twilight
Of beauteous, verdant forces
And I wondered
If I could fly


Off and On

On a plane, you're off.
We had something going on,
But now it's long gone.


A jet to the stars--
Just kidding; this airline sucks.
But at least it's cheap.