Fiscal sponsorship professional, governance nerd, local activist, ambient musician. “Radical administrator” in service of community resilience and autonomy. Currently Program Manager at Open Collective, formerly with Fractured Atlas and other arts organizations. Based in NYC. Also likes basketball. Read full professional history and explore published writings.


In addition to my gig at OC/OCF, I’m finding a rhythm in Ridgewood after being away for the latter half of 2021, helping out at the local garden and chilling at the local community center. I’ve always cooked up mixes on command, but lately I’ve been baking sweets - cakes, breads, pies, cookies, tarts - and delivering them to friends. This summer I’ll also learn to sail.

A photo of me standing in front of some leaves.



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I’m not a lawyer or accountant. Don’t do anything I tell you to do. Yada yada yada.

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