I’m Nathan (he/him). I spend my time thinking about alternative (modern; legal; hybrid; non-hierarchical; cooperative; empowered; equitable; sustainable; collaborative; impermanent; impactful) organizational structures through which folks can make the world a better place. I got lucky and I get to work someplace where I get paid to do just that: Open Collective. You can read my full professional bio here.

My favorite thing to do is spend time with other people, talking about “deep” stuff. I also like to make music and mixes (I used to be a music student and radio deejay). When I’m not tinkering with this website, which I enjoy greatly, I dabble in board games, video games, sports games, and experimental video.

Professional Writing

Some of my public writing lives elsewhere, usually on the blog of my current or past workplaces. Here’s a list of published work:


I’m wrapping up a 4-month trip across the United States, seeing friends and family and ticking off various bucket list items. I’m moving back to NYC in January 2022.

Here’s what else I’m up to:

  • working on E2C, ethics, and political activity policies, supporting unhoused folks, and setting up a Canadian fiscal sponsor (among other things) with Open Collective
  • cleaning up this website (I have a bunch of new content in the works)
  • reading leftist sci-fi
  • re-entering the public convo via Mastodon and birdsite

(This is kind-of like a Now page.1 Last updated 2021-11-25.)

A photo of me.

A photo of me.



This website was self-hosted on a tiny Linux computer using Hugo and Caddy (and is temporarily living on a VPS). In the past I also experimented with solar powering the site. The theme is modified Cactus and the logo is based on an Open Doodle. This website is located on unceded Native land.

I’m not a lawyer or accountant. Don’t do anything I tell you to do. Yada yada yada.

  1. Some examples: (1) (2) (3) (4) ↩︎